Instruction For Germany Student Visa Apply

1. Requirements for visas for direct admission (no language course required):
Valid passport, along with all prior passports and 2recent passport photographs (NOT physically attached to the application form & not older than six months)

- Two filled-up application forms, original documents & 2 sets of copies of all documents.(Please note your cell phone number and your email address below your signature on page 3)

- Original admission letter from a German university (with the study course being mentioned)

- Proof of sufficient funds for the first year of studies (EUR 8,040.00) on a “blocked account” (Sperrkonto) with a bank in the Federal Republic of Germany
Proof of secured subsistence may also be rendered by a declaration of commitment (Sections 66, 68 of the German Residence Act) or a confirmation of a scholarship (equaling EUR 8,040).

-Health insurance policy for ninety days (according to the list approved by the Schengen states)

-All academic mark-sheets (from O-Levels / S.S.C. onwards), also from completed academic terms of an unfinished degree
-Internationally recognized English language proficiency certificate (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, TELC, CPE)

-If applicable:
-Internationally recognized German language proficiency certificate on a B1-level for all four areas of competency (if German proficiency is required for taking up the student’s desired study course)

-Further documentation as per the instructions of visa officers of this Embassy
2. Requirements for language course participants (if more German proficiency than
currently achieved is required for taking up the desired study course):

- All the documents above + original admission letter of a language school or a “Studienkolleg”
- Optional to the admission letter from a German university, any of the following:
- Conditional admission letter
- “Final confirmation” from “uni-assist e.V.” (only applicable for certain universities)

Please also take note of the following important advice: 

1.There is no legal claim to a visa. The final decision on a case is made by this Embassy.

2.The visa fee of EUR 60.00 converted to BDT is to be paid upon filing the application with this Embassy. Additional fees arise for verification of your educational documents, at present BDT 15,000 for those applying for a Bachelor’s degree and BDT 20,000 for Master’s applicants.

3.The application should be filed with this Embassy at least eight weeks prior to departure.

4.It is necessary that the applicant is reachable through the cell phone number and email
address provided on the application form to ensure cooperation on his / her end.

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